The QBrowse Platform

Modern User Experience with Efficient Grid View

Here at QBrowse, the satisfaction of our customers is our utmost priority. That’s why we’ve put together a platform that caters to your specific needs in a way that improves efficiency and ensures that all the needs of your business are met.


Our platform uses the highest standard of data protection, with high-performance servers to improve the performance of our software regardless. We’ll help you strengthen your business unit! Here are some of the enhancements to the classic workflow that QBrowse provides:

Easier data updates to QAD. This interactive process can be done online, in a single-view with a single click. It’s never been this simple.

Likeness to Excel. Your employees will appreciate how easy it is to navigate the QBrowse platform, since it’s so much like excel. They’ll feel right at home, with filters, sorting, moveable columns and more. Say goodbye to a steep learning curve.

Grant access to multiple files (like documents or images) tied to a single record all at once, in a single click. This upgrade makes collaboration even easier.

QBrowse also makes it possible for you to define your own legend within your databases, making it easier to use color to demarcate important pieces of data.

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