Increase Your Business’ Productivity with QWeb’s QAD’s Mobile Integration—Now Available From Anywhere

With the global shift to remote work, it’s important for modern businesses to pivot towards digital solutions that allow them to operate from anywhere. Having your business’ enterprise resource planning system tethered to a desktop in an office can make things tedious if you need to manage inventory, document time, record expenses and approve purchases, for example.

That’s why we’ve created QMobile—our brand new QBrowse QAD integration that brings all the features of our desktop software to the palm of your hand. Effectively, QMobile allows you to bring your business with you and access the functionality of QAD from anywhere, at any time.

In addition to this, get real-time insights on what’s happening in your business, and gain access to simple ways to manage even complex business processes. Our software utilizes the capabilities of mobile devices to add more functionality like embedding pictures and automatically syncing any changes you’ve made across all platforms.

Here at QWeb, we understand more than anyone what it takes for a business to thrive in the new, fast-paced digital landscape. Competition is rife, and your business needs agile technology to adapt to this new world. In order to transform your workflow and workforce to meet these demands, adaptability and portability are a must.

QMobile applications meet those criteria. Your employees are able to use the most important functions of your business’ ERP system from anywhere in the world, boosting productivity and employee satisfaction. Arm your mobile technicians and sales teams with our new mobile application to ensure that the needs of your on-the-go workforce are met.

Mobile for Warehouse

  Our mobile warehouse solution ensures that your warehouse management flows smoothly.

Woman holding a mobile phone