Purchasing Made Simple

The QBrowse Purchase Portal makes managing your business’ suppliers easier than ever before, and possible 24/7

Your business relies on suppliers to make your customers happy, so why not simplify the process? Our QBrowse Purchase Portal was created to help you and your suppliers bridge the gap of communication, and even timezones—all in one place.

Our cloud-based, secured online platform allows you to manage the entire eCommerce process, using advanced data processing. Our built-in tools give you the best of everything—invoice processing, data management, and even SMART purchasing automation. The integration of our Purchase Portal with your QAD ERP allows you to:

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QBrowse Suppliers Portal Capabilities

  • Orders & Approvals – Digitally transfer orders from QAD to your suppliers without the need for unreliable communication mentions, cutting the time for supplier approval in half.
  • Supply status – Receive updates from suppliers at order line level on changes, supply schedule and expected quantities.
  • Business Chat – Communicate directly with your supplier, so your purchasing manager can have a constant line of contact with them.
  • Attachments – Transmit documents and schematics to your supplier, and revert immediate approval.
  • Payments Status – View the status of invoices at a glance, streamlining the payment, dispute and query process.
  • Quality Ratings and Qualifications – View the ratings of suppliers from other purchases, allowing you to make the best decision.
  • Catalog management – Manage your catalog of products efficiently, including syncing item name and your internal item number based on the ERP system of each party.
  • Requests for Proposal (RFP’s) – Electronically distribute requests for proposals to a large number of suppliers at once, and later monitor each proposal and track supplier follow-through.
  • Returns to suppliers – enable suppliers to review an online list of RTV orders.
  • Tender management – allows collecting from suppliers price offers for a predefined list of required inventory.

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