Inventory Management has never been so easy!

The QBrowse External Warehouse Portal streamlines your inventory management in all the ways your business needs

Moving your warehouse to an external location doesn’t have to be a headache. With our External Warehouse Portal, it’ll feel like your warehouse is onsite— improving the efficiency of your team and your organization.


This QBrowse solution provides powerful online tools that allow your team members to control all the administrative tasks involved in running a warehouse, from your QAD portal. We provide a private and secured portal, that includes ways to manage:

  • Purchase order receipt and fulfillment.
  • Sales order receipt, fulfillment and shipping confirmation.
  • Inventory transferable by your warehouse employees.
  • Real-time inventory management, including a running tally of available products.

We help you create full transparency between your external warehouse and your internal team, all of it accessible through our QAD integrated portal.

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