Customer Interactions & Management Made Easy

The QBrowse Customer Portal makes customer relationship management easy and efficient, ensuring the satisfaction of your customers!

We’ve designed our platform to give your customers private and secure access to all the information they need from your ERP (QAD). Using QBrowse, you can either create a new customer portal, or integrate your existing one using our software. With our customer portal, your customers will be able to:

  • Access their account information, including order history.
  • Trace their full sales orders online, from any location.
  • Make payments, update their payment information and access information about their past payments.
  • Download any forms and documents they may need, like an order confirmation, packing list, invoice, etc.
  • Create Sales Quotes and Sales Orders through our easy-to-use web tool, or a file-upload system customized to meet your user needs.
  • Manage their consignment with your warehouse seamlessly.
A handshake over an pen laptop and disposable coffee cups

If customer satisfaction is the priority of your business, then QBrowse can help you make each of your customers feel like a VIP!