Develop newly required functionality in a “quick win“ mode and with minimum code

We really recommend working on QAD with best practice processes and believe that it is better not to customize QAD vanilla programs at all. 

However sometimes life is stronger, and companies must create unique processes to support creative and efficient operations. 

 In this situation we have two ways to adapt QAD to a new, unique process:

  1. Customizing QAD vanilla code
  2. Developing around 80% of needed changes on QBrowse
If you are working with professional and experienced QAD developers and QAD sources are available, then you can do all required changes in QAD (option 1).
 So what are the reasons to develop your customizations on Qbrowse (option 2) :

  • The biggest advantage of external development on Qbrowse would be noticed when you are coming to a QAD upgrade. The upgrade of QAD customizations is usually the main part of a QAD upgrade project from a timing and budget point of view. If your customizations were developed on Qbrowse then it would seamlessly migrate to the new QAD environment. A minimal investment will be required just to verify no changes were done in relevant QAD APIs in the new QAD environment.
  • In many cases, development on Qbrowse will cost less (will require less development time) and will give an easier, visually enhanced, and better user experience.
  • QAD sources are not required for Qbrowse development.