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Portals for Customers, Suppliers, and 3rd-parties

Companies used to be run isolated, developing, and producing everything in-house. Today, that method is a sure route to failure, as it’s the businesses that collaborate with external partners that are more agile, more efficient, and most likely to succeed.

Whether you’re working on a process improvement project with your suppliers or tackling a WH management issue, you might find yourself working in a coalition with a number of organizations outside of your own. But coalitions are fragile and without proper leadership, nurturing, and follow-through, they can quickly disintegrate. Here are a set of modern tools for making sure yours doesn’t get derailed.

Customers Portal

  Qbrowse is designed to give your customers private and secure access to services and information they need from your ERP (QAD). It can be done by integration to an existing customers portal or creating a new one and may contain the following:

  • Account information (including history)
  • Full sales orders traceability online
  • Payment information
  • The capability of downloading any kind of relevant forms (like Order Confirmation, Packing List, Invoice”and others)
  • Creation of Sales Quote or Sales Order by order creation web tool or by file upload (require adaptation to user needs)
  • Customer consignment WH management by customer
  Essentially, a customer portal is a digital sharing mechanism and information center between a company or organization and its customers.

External WareHouse Portal

 If you took the decision to manage your WH operations externally then Qbrowse able to provide you powerful, online tool (portal) to present, manage and control all transactions from external WH on QAD in a private and secured way. It may contain the following:

  • Purchase orders presentation and receiving by WH employees
  • Sales order presentation and shipping operation
  • WH inventory transferring by WH employees
  • Inventory counting capability

Eventually, we are talking about full transparency between your external WH and the internal operations team by updating QAD from Qbrowse.

External Manufacturer Portal

If you are producing your products by external manufacturing companies then Qbrowse able to provide you powerful, online tool (portal) to fully collaborate with your manufacturing partner on all manufacturing aspects. It may contain the following:

  • Purchase orders presentation and receiving by WH employees
  • Work order presentation, issuing and receiving
  • Manufacturing status and timelines reporting
  • Shipping information sharing
  • Ability to share manufacturing information from your external partner with your customers on the manufacturer portal
  The bottom line, if you need an easy and quick way to manage your manufacturers on QAD then you better check the Qbrowse solution for that.

Supplier Portal

QBrowse Purchase module enables you to collect data efficiently from your suppliers. It will allow you an unprecedented way of communication - no more emails, faxes, missed need date changes, or lost invoices.

Qbrowse Suppliers Portal is a grid-based, secured online communication platform, connecting purchasing entities and suppliers, enabling management of a complete E-Commerce process Implementation of innovative technologies and advanced data processing systems; affords a clear perspective of the world within the business communities and enables an efficient and effective smart purchasing and financial management than ever before.

The portal consolidates in one environment all of the organization’s suppliers and allows smooth, precise, and fast interaction with them.